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We take care of permitting.

Site, home, and city zoning codes and requirements vary greatly. Not to worry, we'll do the research you need to make sure that you are building safely and legally on your property. 

Let us worry about regulations on square footage limits, entrance location, and building setbacks, utilities, water or sanitary/storm sewers, all the things that can get in the way of easily adding to your existing property.

In our research, here are some other things we will be looking into:

  • Is your outdoor space approved by the city?
  • How much more square footage can you add?
  • Can your older plumbing handle the additional volume an ADU will bring?
  • Can your older electric service handle the new additional load diverted to the ADU?


Many cities require a building permit on most properties. Do you need one?


Permitted verses non-Permitted.


Units that require permanent foundation, electrical, plumbing hook-ups. This structure becomes part of your house square footage.


Units that do not need to be permitted are usually classified as such for their size, lack of permanent foundation, or lack of plumbing.  Smaller sheds, workspaces, or garages often qualify. These structures serve as extended space that does not count towards your house square footage. Our smaller Dadu Adus can often be built without permits.


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